New Song Café

New Song Cafe meets monthly, on the second Sunday of each month at 7.00 pm.  It is where we get together to get to know songs, and one another, in an atmosphere of friendship and worship. If you are new to church, perhaps dipping your toe in the water, it’s a great place to explore, chat and make friends.

Visit the dedicated New Song Café website by clicking here for all you need to know about New Song Café.

Tea, coffee and cake are served upon arrival. The first half starts with up to 6 songs then a break for more coffee and cake then a few more songs. Of these songs a couple will be “new” and we will revisit the “new” songs from the previous month. Interspersed is video, prayer, an opportunity to share or perhaps a brief thought for the day. Each month the songs we propose to sing are published as a playlist on YouTube, and shared on our Facebook page as well. This gives those attending a chance to listen first. The evening starts at 7pm and finishes by 9pm.

You might also like to join us for New Song Connect on the fourth Sunday of each month at 7:30pm. A quieter service where we can connect a little more with the themes of New Song through music, teaching, reflection and creative expression.

Find New Song Café on YouTube, Facebook or Spotify.