Hello and welcome to the St James Road Methodist Church website.

That’s a bit of a mouthful so we often just refer to the church as SJR.

I’m Christine, and it’s my privilege to be the Minister and part of the leadership team of this active church.

Please make yourself at home on our website. It’s a place to find out lots of information about the building, the worship we offer, and what we do and what we believe.

You’ll find out how to book a room for your own activity or party, you’ll find out the times and styles of our worship services and you’ll find guides to what our faith is all about.

There are also links to online worship.

You’ll also find contact information should you need it.

You can contact us if you need our help or to book rooms – but please note that the number is different for those bookings.

If you are local, and want to come to the church in person, you’ll find directions on the website and you’ll find a welcome when you get here.

So whether you are looking for information or inspiration, I hope you find it here.