House groups are a really important way for us to stay connected during the week, but more importantly, to learn and grow together. Our church strap line is ‘Loving God, Loving People’, and our house groups focus on this challenge in a variety of ways. Our groups meet at different times and attract people at different stages of life and experience. To find out more about any of these groups, please email one of our ministers and they will point you in the right direction.


Lighthouse is our group for those aged between 18 and 30.


Focus meets approximately monthly on a Thursday evening at the home of some of the members. It is a very informal group, meeting for coffee and to do various activities such as watch or listen to programs with a religious theme, meditations and occasional Bible studies. In the summer we sometimes do stuff outside like go for a walk in the forest or have a BBQ. We often have a meal together at the last meeting before Christmas, Easter and in July before we break for August (the aforementioned BBQ). Most members are in the 40-65 age bracket, but that’s not a rule!

Jo and Ginny’s

(info to follow!)

Always Say A Prayer Home Group

ASAP is a group that meets for a couple of hours for fellowship, prayer, study and tea and cake. It is a completely open group and always happy to welcome new members.

ASAP meets every second Thursday of the month at

5 Fernlea Gardens SO16 7BJ


Every fourth Monday of the month at

36 Cunard Avenue SO15 5GP

Meeting time 2.30 – 4.30PM