Living Lent – Day 36

Read… Isaiah 49: 1-7

Thus says the Lord, the Redeemer of Israel and his Holy One, to one deeply despised, abhorred by the nations, the slave of rulers, ‘Kings shall see and stand up, princes, and they shall prostrate themselves, because of the LORD, who is faithful, the Holy One of Israel, who has chosen you.’

A light to the other nations – but what kind of light are we?

A tiny pin-prick of flame like a tea-light that can only be seen by a few but is warm and inviting?
A neon light that crashes into the night with un-subtle and over-simplified messages?
A street lamp creating pools of security, preventing evil deeds?
An energy saving bulb – not much good for a while, but eventually gets going and provides satisfactory, but not brilliant, help?
A battery torch that is portable and can shine anywhere (at least while the power lasts)?
The sun that never stops shining somewhere and gives light and life to all people?

Which sort of light are you?

Lord, you promised to make Israel a light to the nations and we claim that promise for ourselves. But do we really want to be lights for you? It’s hard work and doesn’t bring glory and honour, but often ridicule and criticism.

Lord, be seen and felt in us in our daily living, help us to share you in ways that are appropriate, give us strength to push back the dark forces and shine with all we are worth. Increase your power in us through your Holy Spirit and use us to bring light and life to those you send us to serve.

We pray in the name of Jesus – the light of the world.


Ponder… How might you and/or the Church help those displaced from their homelands today? What message of hope can we offer?

Pray… FOR OUR COMMUNITY We pray for all of those members of our community who have died. We acknowledge with gratitude all that they have given and taught over the years. Take a while to think of people you have known and thank God for the precious memories that you have of them. FOR THE WORLD We thank God for all of those whose lives have enriched our world; for those whose actions and beliefs have made a positive difference.

Act… Find something you don’t use and give it away.