Social Media Guidelines

Revised 2023.11

General guidelines for all who use social media

These guidelines were prepared by the SJR Communications Team and are based on those from the Methodist Church website.

A healthy Christian community is a safe place of mutual care, where all people feel valued, loved and respected.

These guidelines for engaging on social media reflect those values and apply to all content and comments posted to Methodist Church social media channels, whether by the administrators or those responding to posts.

St James Road Methodist Church and individuals are encouraged to adopt these guidelines for their own social media channels and personal social media engagement.

Why use social media?

The Methodist Church encourages the use of social media tools as a means of extending our engagement with people inside and outside the church. This includes:

  • Sharing our stories
  • Engaging in conversations ‘where people are’
  • Sharing, learning and encouraging
  • Reaching those who cannot physically attend church
  • Forming and deepening relationships locally and globally
  • Providing information

Five main social media principles


Do not post or share content that is sexually explicit, inflammatory, hateful, abusive, threatening or otherwise disrespectful. Try to think of the effect on others who may see what you post.

Be transparent

Don’t mislead people about who you are, or use pseudonyms.

Disagree, with love

If you have a criticism you need to make, consider carefully the tone of what you write. If you are personally attacked, do not respond in kind. Being a Christian means that sometimes we must speak out and challenge injustice. But remember when you need to point out something you think is wrong, that there is a real, and possibly vulnerable, person at the receiving end of what you say. Consider whether conversations are best done on the social media platform or separately in person/by telephone or email.

Be careful when sharing content

Don’t share in haste. Read linked content thoroughly, or watch a video to the end so you know exactly what you are sharing, before you judge whether it is suitable to share.

Maintain confidentiality

If telling a story about someone else, ask yourself first ‘Is this my story to tell?’ Don’t reveal personal details about others without their explicit permission.

Our responsibilities

If the administrators on the St James Road Methodist Church’s social media accounts deem comments (or other content) that are posted to the St James Road Methodist Church social media accounts or pages to be unsuitable or offensive, we will take action that may include hiding, deleting or reporting comments, or blocking users.

These guidelines will be reviewed annually by the Communications Team in consultation with the Leadership Team and Church Council and updated in the light of feedback and experience. If you have questions or suggestions, please email communication{at}