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More than just a building project, CONNECT is this church’s commitment to provide improved facilities and community partnership opportunities.

Connect has taken years of prayer and planning. We are currently in the middle of the building stage, which is both exciting and scary. Once completed, the front of our church will become a welcoming cafe and a space for people to meet and connect. We are developing a wonderful partnership to enable this to happen – more details to come! We are also installing a lift and updating our upstairs facilities, in order to make our premises as accessible as possible, and to provide high quality meeting and event space for our community.

November Update

  • Planning permission granted
  • Project name & logo announced
  • £55,000 already received in granted

Since our last update, our church building development project has got its name, logo and identity.
Separate to, but in keeping with our church logo, we need this SPECIFICALLY for the development and fundraising project. It will identify the project and raise our profile with fundraising bodies and businesses.

The name and concept was developed by a small group nominated by Church Council. They used all of the ideas gathered at the most recent vision morning and worked with a designer on the logo itself. This is the thinking behind the final product…

The Name: CONNECT is a similar word to ‘Link’, which was the name of the previous development project. The word ‘connect’ suggests being involved, connecting community and church, connecting with each other, discovering common ground and celebrating different ideas

The Strapline: A SPACE TO SHARE can be interpreted in many ways, similarly to our church strapline –‘Loving God, Loving People’. It can mean to share our faith, to share our premises, to share our joys and sorrows, to share our ideas and activities, to share between generations, to offer a calm space for thoughts and a sanctuary.

The Image: The cross shape echoes the cross from church logo but is less distinct than in the logo for our worshipping community. The image of light coming through stained glass blends with our surroundings as church and symbolises how our faith blends with surrounding community.

The Colours: These come from a colour palette in keeping with existing SJR church logo, but the colours are brighter to reflect the light that is shared through all that the project will enable us to do. The fragments suggest different things being brought together.

‘CONNECT’ is being officially launched at the Christmas Trees and Music Festival.

Building Update

Following the receipt of planning approval from Southampton City Council, with practically no significant changes being requested, we are now able to move forward with our project on several fronts.

Firstly, it opens the doors for more Grant Applications which our Financial Controller, Neil Hitch, is currently preparing. In parallel with this it is hoped that Church giving by our Members will continue or even increase as there is a real relationship between what we ask for in a “Grant” and what we have contributed as a Church body. Any increase in giving to our project will be greatly appreciated.