We would be delighted to welcome you to our Church family and hope you will feel at home amongst us.

Our church community is large, including Sunday worshipers and many others who consider St James Road Methodist Church as their church. We try to make sure that everyone feels known and valued in our community. We do this in a number of different ways.

Most importantly, our aim is to be a friendly and welcoming church; we hope that everyone who comes into our building feels welcome and listened to, whether you have come just for a cup of coffee and a chat, with a concern to share or for any other reason.

We host a wide ranging number of groups for all ages – from National Childbirth Trust ‘Bumps and Babies’ to Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association to Chatty Crafters and many others in between. In our entrance area (The Link) there are postcards with details and dates. Please feel free to drop by and pick up the ones you may be interested in.

One of the opportunities our various groups offer is to meet new people and develop new friendships. We all know how important friends are, and that chatting and sharing news, whether it be happy or sad, is often a huge help or support. All of our groups have friendly faces who have time to talk to you, share good news or just listen. If more serious issues arrive, we can offer someone to talk to individually. Our minister Christine, will always find time to listen to you, visit or support you if you need them. Our pastoral secretary, Liz, works closely with the ministers and provides ongoing support for us all!

If you would value prayer, we have a prayer book and a board on the pillar just inside the church. You are welcome to add to these at any time and they will be included in prayers through the week.

The Methodist Church nationally uses a pastoral care system comprising of a ‘Pastoral Secretary’ and a team of ‘Pastoral Visitors’. Each pastoral visitor keeps an informal contact with a group of people in a way that is appropriate for each individual or family. This may be by chatting over coffee on a Sunday, a phone call or visiting at home (by prior arrangement if you prefer). A pastoral visitor will provide you with a point of contact in the Church and can support you if needed through any changing situation. You do not need to be an official member of the church to be included in this system and Liz, our pastoral secretary, would be delighted to introduce you to a pastoral visitor if you would like.