More than just a building project, CONNECT is this church’s commitment to provide improved facilities and community partnership opportunities.

Connect has taken years of prayer and planning, but now we are excited to say that the building work is complete and we are using the church with the new facilities, obviously with Covid restrictions.   The front of the church is a welcoming cafe, called Make and Brew, a space for people to meet and connect.

We have developed a wonderful partnership with Kirsty from Make and Brew to enable this to happen!  We have also installed a lift and have updated our upstairs facilities in order to make our premises as accessible as possible, and to provide high quality meeting and event space for our community.

We still have to contInue to raise funds for CONNECT, so please do keep an eye out for any events happening that will help us pay for all of these wonderful improvements to the building.


MAKE AND BREW CAFE The cafe is now up and running!  It looks really good, it feels really nice and is spacious and a comfortable place to be in.  Due to Covid rules we can only meet in the cafe with people from the same household at the moment. Kirsty and her team have been really busy doing what they do best,…


We have the keys back from the builders and the area where Make and Brew will be is almost ready to use.  Furniture has been assembled this week by our lovely ‘Mens’ Shed’ team and the floor has had a special clean. Kirsty has been in and there is a brand new coffee machine!


.MAKE AND BREW.      We were hoping to share a late September reopening date with you this week, but sadly the building work completion has been pushed back 2 weeks, and whilst this is disappointing for us, we are still so excited to get into the new space and to welcome you all!! We cannot wait to get pouring the coffees…


An exciting visit to the cafe space today accompanied by one of our lovely skilled builders, Steve! It was good to see the under floor heating pipes/tubes being laid ready for those chilly days to come, hard to imagine being chilly at the moment though!  If you zoom in on the photo you might see the tubes. The walls are freshly plastered…


Over the last few weeks, the builders have been busy up at the church. The metal frames and the glass for the windows are going in. The sky lights are complete in the new Link extension and the glass that forms the front of the building is going in too. The new Link area, where the cafe will be, is coming on…


WELCOME BACK TO OUR FABULOUS BUILDING TEAM! We are so excited to have our builders back on site, working on a modified site to comply with new restrictions. They are working on putting the roof on the new link extension, as well as being able to get on with construction in other parts of the building. In a strange way, it helps…

Return of the builders!

On Monday 5th May we are expecting work to being again on the Connect development. Our building contractors will of course be taking all advised care and precautions as they start to move the project forward again.