MWiB: Boats for Fiji

In 2019 Methodist Women in Britain (MWiB) in Southampton District decided that they wanted to do something to alleviate some difficulties of the climate crisis.

In conjunction with the Methodist Global Relationships Team – South Pacific Southampton District MWiB formed a partnership with Fiji – (2 villages Nabuna and Vanuakula) to buy a boat so that the Fijian women could move goods and people in time of floods and use the boat for fishing at other times. This partnership has taken a long time to come to fruition but in October ’22 a ceremony was held in Fiji to bless these boats

Fiji Council of Churches

” How can you sing the Lord’s song in a foreign place? Will you be able to sing your songs of joy – and share your stories during times of trials and hardships”, says Archbishop Peter Loy Chong while delivering a gift to the ecumenical women of Vanuakula in Tavua. FCC President – Archbishop Peter Loy CHONG together with a selected group of church leaders today deliver a 16 foot fiberglass boat with a 40 hp Yamaha engine together with all MSAF approved safety equipment on behalf of the Southampton District Methodist Women (UK) and the Fiji Council of Churches. The boat is to assist the women, children and elderly easy evacuations during flooding and preparation for Cyclones.

“This visit and handing over – in a form of a Lotu is timely as this part of the world enters the Cyclone season between November to April”, says Archbishop Peter Loy Chong. This gift was made possible through a partnership between FCC and the Southampton District MWiB United Kingdom.

Very many thanks to all those who helped support this partnership.