Halloween Pit Stop

Last night we handed out around 50 glow sticks, 150 hot dogs and over 200 hot chocolates for free from a tent at the front of the church. We were bowled over by the response given that this was our first year. It was a truly humbling experience to be able to connect with our community. Who knows what a difference was made?

After the event had finished we took around 50 hotdogs to Two Saints- our local homeless shelter in Southampton. They are a fantastic organisation and it was heartwarming hearing the response from staff when we delivered them.

We would like to thank members of Lighthouse, our young adults bible study group, for tirelessly making hot chocolate, New Song Cafe for allowing us to use the Hot Drinks Ministry equipment and Richard and Noleen, who slaved away making 200 hotdogs!!!

A special mention also goes to Iceland in Shirley, who facilitated us being able to buy such a sizeable number of hotdogs and rolls at a price that meant we were able to offer our service so widely!