Living Lent – Day 32

Read… Mark 12: 35-37

David himself calls him Lord; so how can he be his son?

When I first look at a reading from the Bible I normally go to the internet and try and find out what resources are available for children regarding the particular passage. This helps me to understand things on a basic level before delving in deeper to fully understand the meaning of the words. Unfortunately I came up with very little about today’s passage for children which normally suggests that the verses are pretty hard to understand and that other people have not tried to base a children’s address around it!

In this passage Jesus is not just teaching but holding a seminar. The Pharisees thought they were going to be taught by Jesus, but he stuns them by asking how he could be both the Son of David and also the Lord of David? You might have thought that the crowd listening would not have been happy about Jesus turning things round and asking them a question and particularly if they did not know how to answer it, but it the passage goes on to state that “they listened gladly”. Perhaps this is the message we can gain from this passage? We may not understand everything we hear or read in great detail but we should do so with a happy and open heart.

Today we pray for families who come to Messy Church. The children who attend may not fully understand the stories or the links to the crafts but we hope and pray that they feel a sense of belonging and love that they will remember throughout their lives.

Ponder… To what extent do you think the Gospels are presenting their readers with a set of answers – and to what extent are they still wrestling with the big questions themselves?

Pray… FOR OUR COMMUNITY We pray for all of the families who come to our Messy Church, that they may receive a warm welcome and that the stories, songs, games, crafts and friendship may teach them more about God’s love. We pray for the team who run Messy Church, that they may be filled with energy, and creativity. FOR THE WORLD We pray for the growth and development of Messy Church. We thank God for the inspiration of all those who created Messy Church, and pray that it may continue to enable children and young families to hear the Christian message of love in a way that is accessible, meaningful and fun.

Act… Invite someone you don’t know very well round for a cuppa.