Living Lent – Day 4

Mark 8:27-9:1

‘Who do people say that I am?’ … ‘But who do you say that I am?’

Who is Jesus for you? Lent is certainly the time for pondering this thought, we have so many images of Jesus I have found a web page which gives 50 names for Jesus Christ and another which displays some of these in the shape of a Christmas tree. I certainly think of Jesus as a friend and companion at my side helping me along through life, he is always there always ready to listen and always listening – at the same time not forgetting that he is recorded to have had outbursts such as when he turned the traders tables over in the Temple. We are so fortunate to have Jesus at our side.

Today we are praying today for the wonderful work that is carried out in the pre- school on our premises with the love and dedication of the staff – the children thrive and are given the best start for their schooling. We thank God for this.

To develop this thought I looked at the United Nations Millennium Development Goal 2 – Achieve Universal Primary Education – from its beginning enrolment in primary education in developing regions of the world has reached 91% and the world has achieved equality in primary education between boys and girls – wow that is quite something.

At the same time I attended the Women’s World Day of Prayer Service today (Friday) and in spite of the successes we heard of a young woman from the Philippines who was orphaned and had to work to send younger siblings to school and in today’s world of trafficking we know that many are unable to complete their education and fulfil their potential. Let’s pray that all young people will soon not only be able to receive primary education but achieve their potential by completing their education

Ponder… In your own experience, what do other people say about Jesus? And who do you think Jesus is?

Pray… FOR OUR COMMUNITY Pray for Julie and the staff of Shirley Pre School, which is based in our building. Julie and her team work very hard to provide a happy, safe and stimulating place for children to play and learn. FOR THE WORLD Pray for all adults who work in education in any setting. Access to a good education is every child’s right and, in many countries, is the best route out of poverty. Pray that school for all becomes a reality worldwide.

Act… Plant some seeds and care for the, as they grow.