Living Lent – Day 22

Read… Jeremiah 28: 1-17

Listen, Hananiah, the Lord has not sent you, and you made this people trust in a lie.

Today we are asked to ponder where we see God’s activity in bad situations as well as good. Sometimes, like the psalmist we cry ‘God where are you?’ Yes He is there. In the restlessness of our country in this time of uncertainty there are Christian Members of Parliament meeting regularly in prayer for guidance.

Famine in Africa, the aid agency, are sending people into harrowing situations with food and aid paid for with the money sent by many who give sacrificially that others may eat.

War and fear of war in many countries. The very places where agencies such as the Bible Society are sending representatives to take Love and the Word of God which strengthens and supports.

Locally our Street Pastors who walk at night to help the helpless and give comfort to those whose lifestyle causes them to fall.

Many of these unseen messengers of God are single people whose lives are devoted to Him.

As we pray for those who are single let us give thanks for each one of them. Some single by choice others not, yet each one precious in the sight of God. Their lives often transform others more than they or we can know. I remember two friends who were single and are now with their Lord. At each funeral there was standing room only in the Church with great rejoicing at the love shared and received. Others may be lonely – have we room in our hearts to enfold them into our family?

Remember ‘the very hairs of our heads are numbered’. Whether we are married or single in the sight of God we are individual and precious.

Ponder… Where do you see signs of God’s activity in bad situations as well as good?

Pray… FOR OUR COMMUNITY Pray for people in our community who are single. Often churches or communities inadvertently focus on or cater for families or couples. Pray that we may be a community where this does not happen and where all feel valued and equal regardless of marital or other status. FOR THE WORLD At a time where society’s understanding of relationships and family become increasingly complex, pray for the strengthening of wholesome and loving relationships worldwide. Pray especially for those who are forced to keep their relationships hidden for fear of persecution or prejudice.

Act… Do something today just for fun.